Jackal Neon/Goji

Jackal Neon/Goji

La sportiva



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Jackal Neon/Goji
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Jackal is the mountain running shoe dedicated to off-road running over ultra distances and for training long-distance workouts on medium distances thanks to the exceptional cushioning guaranteed by the innovative Infinitoo™ high energy return technology. Every detail, from the uppers to the sole, is designed to enhance the comfort of the foot over long distances: wide, comfortable fit designed for use in ultra-marathons, comfort fit, enveloping and soft elastic tongue for maximum freedom of movement with internal bellows to protect against stones and mud. The lacing sees the loops incorporated directly into the side panels of the uppers: a solution that facilitates the adaptation of volumes during long distance runs in which the foot tends to swell. The lateral Net-Mesh promotes ventilation and climate comfort. The heart of Jackal, however, lies in the innovative EVA sole/midsole package with internal cushioning pads in high Energy return polyurethane Infinitoo™ Technology. The front element increases the cushioning, the rear insert contributes to the stabilization of the run. The midsole also incorporates a high-density EVA Rock-Shield for a more stable run with rock-guard effect. The Frixion Red tread with differentiated Impact Brake System lugs and longitudinal FLEX grooves enhances the flex of the sole along the fold lines. The lightweight, shock-resistant, thermo-shaped toecap contributes to the overall lightness and protection of the shoe while the dual compound FriXion Red sole guarantees maximum grip and durability. A concentration of technology inspired by those who run in search of their own limits and in search of themselves . Jackal: find your ultra.


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Sandwich mesh (toe and tongue) + thermo-adhesive TPU reinforcements + side panels in mono-burr Nylon + Lycra® cuff
Abrasion resistant micro-fiber
Ortholite® Ergonomic
EVA with polyurethane Infinitoo™ Technology + rock-shield in high density EVA + additional internal cushioning platform
Dual compound FriXion® Red with lateral IBS lugs
300 g (half pair)



TX5 GTX Carbon/Yellow -

182.85 Chf

265.00 Chf

TX5 GTX Carbon/Yellow

Trango Tech Leather GTX - Black/Yellow

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Trango Tech Leather GTX

Nepal Trek Evo GTX -

324.00 Chf

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Nepal Trek Evo GTX

Nepal S3 Work GTX - EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 AN SRC

371.25 Chf

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TX4 GTX - Ivy/Tango Red  - TX4 GTX - Ivy/Tango Red

154.10 Chf

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TX4 GTX - Ivy/Tango Red

TX4 Kiwi/Neptune - La sportiva

140.00 Chf

200.00 Chf

TX4 Kiwi/Neptune

TX Guide Black / Yellow - La Sportiva

140.00 Chf

200.00 Chf

TX Guide Black / Yellow


from 161.00 Chf

from 230.00 Chf


Bushido II GTX Night Blue/Tango Red - Bushido II GTX Night Blue/Tango Red
Trango Tower GTX - Olive/Neon - La sportiva

276.75 Chf

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Trango Tower GTX - Olive/Neon

TX4 Carbon/Flame - La sportiva

135.00 Chf

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TX4 Carbon/Flame

Nepal Cube GTX - A technical, thermal and lightweight mountaineering boot from the Nepal category.

415.10 Chf

615.00 Chf

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Nepal Evo Work GTX -

347.05 Chf

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Nepal Evo Work GTX

TX4 - Kiwi/Nepture -

141.75 Chf

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TX4 - Kiwi/Nepture

Helios III -  Goji/Carbon - La sportiva

112.00 Chf

160.00 Chf

Helios III - Goji/Carbon


168.75 Chf

250.00 Chf


Akyra GTX - Black - Akyra GTX - Black

164.50 Chf

235.00 Chf

Akyra GTX - Black

Helios III - Opal/Neptune - La sportiva

114.75 Chf

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Helios III - Opal/Neptune

LA SPORTIVA TX2 Evo Leather - LA SPORTIVA TX2 Evo Leather

108.00 Chf

160.00 Chf


TRANGO ALP EVO GTX - Trango Alp Evo Gore-Tex è lo scarpone robusto e confortevole dedicato ad attività quali escursionismo alpino e trekking ...

276.75 Chf

410.00 Chf


Bushido II Tiger/Clay -

136.50 Chf

195.00 Chf

Bushido II Tiger/Clay

Nepal Evo GTX - The technical mountaineering boot par excellence; recommended for use on high altitude terrain and climbing on technical...

395.50 Chf

565.00 Chf

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Boulder X MID GTX Carbon / Flame -

168.75 Chf

250.00 Chf

Boulder X MID GTX Carbon / Flame

LA SPORTIVA - Katana - Black/yellow - LA SPORTIVA - Katana - Black/yellow

from 121.50 Chf

from 180.00 Chf

LA SPORTIVA - Katana - Black/yellow

TX4 GTX - Carbon / Kiwi - TX4 GTX - Carbon / Kiwi

155.25 Chf

230.00 Chf

TX4 GTX - Carbon / Kiwi

Bushido II GTX Black/Yellow - Bushido II GTX Black/Yellow

from 151.80 Chf

from 220.00 Chf

Bushido II GTX Black/Yellow

Jackal Black / Yellow - La sportiva

140.00 Chf

200.00 Chf

Jackal Black / Yellow

Karakorum Evo Gtx -

270.00 Chf

400.00 Chf

Karakorum Evo Gtx

Jackal  Black/Tiger - La sportiva

140.00 Chf

200.00 Chf

Jackal Black/Tiger

TX Guide Leather Carbon / Yellow - La Sportiva

154.00 Chf

220.00 Chf

TX Guide Leather Carbon / Yellow

TXS GTX Black/Yellow - TXS GTX Black/Yellow

175.00 Chf

250.00 Chf

TXS GTX Black/Yellow

Jandal Black/Yellow - La sportiva

31.50 Chf

45.00 Chf

Jandal Black/Yellow

LA SPORTIVA - Skwama - Black/yellow - LA SPORTIVA - Skwama - Black/yellow
Bushido II Kale / Tiger -

136.50 Chf

195.00 Chf

Bushido II Kale / Tiger

Trango Tower GTX - Black/Yellow - La sportiva

from 266.60 Chf

from 395.00 Chf

Trango Tower GTX - Black/Yellow

Nepal Extreme -

329.00 Chf

470.00 Chf

Nepal Extreme

Aequilibrium ST GTX Black/Yellow - La sportiva

280.00 Chf

400.00 Chf

Aequilibrium ST GTX Black/Yellow

Bushido II Opal/Apple green -

140.00 Chf

200.00 Chf

Bushido II Opal/Apple green

Karakorum Trek Gtx - Ideale per backpacking e trekking di lunga durata.

256.50 Chf

380.00 Chf

Karakorum Trek Gtx

TX4 GTX - Pino / Cile -

from 161.00 Chf

from 230.00 Chf

TX4 GTX - Pino / Cile

Bushido II Black / Yellow -

138.00 Chf

200.00 Chf

Bushido II Black / Yellow

STREAM GTX Carbon/Maple -

182.00 Chf

260.00 Chf

STREAM GTX Carbon/Maple

Nepal Top Work -

279.00 Chf

400.00 Chf

Nepal Top Work

Nepal Extreme Work -

313.00 Chf

460.00 Chf

Nepal Extreme Work

TX4 GTX - Opal/Jasmine Green -

from 161.00 Chf

from 230.00 Chf

TX4 GTX - Opal/Jasmine Green

Bushido II GTX Blaze/Carbon - Bushido II GTX Blaze/Carbon

from 154.00 Chf

from 220.00 Chf

Bushido II GTX Blaze/Carbon