Combined jerrycans

Combined jerrycans "PROFI" 3 + 15 L, HD-PE natura



Combined jerrycans



Combined jerrycans "PROFI" 3 + 1.5 L, HD-PE natural, with UN certification, accessories black

Combined jerrycans PROFI 3 + 1.5 L, natural-coloured, HD-PE, for fuel + fuel mixture suitable for operation of petrol chainsaws - available in two versions


  • with UN certification for transporting hazardous goods and separate oil containers for lubricants (e.g. chain oil)
  • TÜV-tested production
  • Measuring scale in both containers and E10 suitable
  • undetachable child safety screw cap and spout with closure (art. no. 819901) included
  • for labelling jerrycans filled with fuel (in accordance with GHS standard as well as ADR) we recommend our jerrycan adhesive labels art. no. 306100
  • with eye hooks for carrying strap and stable thanks to wide support surface
  • the natural colour enables the filling quantity to be seen more clearly from the outside
  • on request: Branding, labelling and individual colours possible
  • separate accessories: Saddlebag (art. no. 795900), safety filling system for fuels (art. no. 819800), safety filling system for chain oil (art. no. 819801), hazardous good labels (306100)
  • Certification no. UN 3H1W/X/250/XX/D/BAM 14124-huen
  • w = inside diameter of filling opening = 29 mm / a = outside thread diameter = 38 mm
  • d=depth=145 mm, w=width=308 mm, h=height=254 mm