Hünersdorff-Fuel cans STANDARD 5 L

Hünersdorff-Fuel cans STANDARD 5 L

HD-PE red, with UN certification and red accessories



Hünersdorff-Fuel cans STANDARD 5 L
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Metal Fuel cans CLASSIC 10 L



Metal fuel cans CLASSIC 10 L, olive, with UN certification for petrol, diesel and other hazardous goods


  • with UN certification for transporting hazardous goods
  • powder coated, suitable for ethanol fuel E10 and manufactured using 0.9 mm steel
  • with patented locking pin to prevent unintentional opening of the jerrycan
  • Minimal draining time as a result of wide vent duct
  • heat sealed handles provide extra strength
  • special holes in the handle allow spout to be attached with clip and screws
  • High-quality inside paint protects against rust and decomposition of the contents in longer storage in filled condition
  • for labelling jerrycans filled with fuel (in accordance with GHS standard as well as ADR), we recommend our jerrycan adhesive labels art. no. 306100
  • separate accessories: Spouts, suction systems, holders and hazardous goods labels (306100)
  • Certification No 3A1/Y/100/.../D/BAM 6210-VP
  • w = inside diameter of the filling opening = 45 x 35 mm
  • d=depth=165 mm     w=width=350 mm      h=height=283 mm