Pellenc Rasion 2 Easy

Pellenc Rasion 2 Easy



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Pellenc Rasion 2 Easy
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The RASION 2 range of mowers has been designed to work quietly in order to respect the well-being of the user and the surrounding environment, while maintaining professional efficiency. Very easy to handle, light and compact, Rasion 2 is easy to transport and offers exceptional mowing quality. An efficient machine that incorporates a new electronic management system with an IMS* circuit board, which allows for improved heat dissipation.




  • 91 dB at speed 3 and 93 dB at maximum power.
  • New silent Brushless wheel motor with direct drive.
  • Can be used in noise sensitive residential areas at any time of day.


  • Easy model: 28 kg
  • Smart model: 30 kg


  • Exceptionally low vibration rate of 0.7 m/s² (compared to 4.5 m/s² for a petrol mower).
  • Highly manoeuvrable with its single front wheels providing both stability and smooth operation.
  • Easy to manoeuvre thanks to its Zero Turn front swivel wheels and lightweight composition. 2 wheel-locking positions: free-turning or guided steering – very smooth transition.
  • The handlebar and controls can be adjusted to the user’s height.
  • Compact.
  • Safe cleaning.
  • Transport and storage position.


  • No petrol fuel management or consumption, which avoids fouling and reduces maintenance.
  • Low power consumption thanks to very high motor efficiency of 93%.
  • Low noise and no unpleasant odours, making it possible to work in noise sensitive residential areas and at all times of the day.

Battery life

  • Up to 5 hours – 5,400 m²


  • 1,600 W power and cutting width: 60 cm
  • Electronic management with the new IMS* circuit board. This allows for improved heat dissipation, absorbing power peaks during intensive mowing without reducing the blade speed.
  • Optimised automatic anti-jam system, reverse rotation of the blades to remove excess grass from the deck while keeping the mower running. PELLENC PATENT
  • Cutting efficiency is 30% higher than that of a conventional mower.
  • Perfect mowing by dual synchronized blades.
  • Universal blades (collection + mulching) as standard.
  • Optimised compacting of box contents thanks to finer mowing: 70 L, i.e. more than 10 kg of grass.
  • Even mowing with no wheel traces on the ground.
  • Time-saving thanks to adaptation of the blade-rotation speed according to the density of the grass (ICC** infrared sensor).
  • Extra-wide cutting width to cover more area.
  • Work in any weather: IP54 waterproofing.

Technical Feaures


Cutting width 60 cm 60 cm
Non-rigid collection bin 70 L 70 L
Weight without collection box or battery 30 kg 30 kg
Battery life with ULiB 1500 battery 5,400 m² 5,400 m²
Max. cutting power 1,600 W 1,600 W
Guaranteed noise level LwA dB(A) 93 dBA 93 dBA
Sound level LpA dB(A) 83.5 dB 83.5 dB
Vibrations ahv 0.7 m/s² 0.7 m/s²
Collection blades as standard 2 2
Blade speeds 4(4+1 ICC*) 4 or 3 + ICC* available as an option
Blade rotation speed 3,000 to 5,000 rpm 3,000 to 5,000 rpm
ICC* infrared vegetation detector Yes Available as an option
Boost -> 5,000 rpm Yes Yes
6 cutting heights 25/35/45/55/65/75 mm 25/35/45/55/65/75 mm
Centralised height adjustment Electronic Manual
Mulching kit: blades and sealing plug Available as an option Available as an option
Ground speeds 2/3/4/5 km/h 2/3/4/5 km/h
Front wheel lock Free or locked position Free or locked position
Housing Aluminium Aluminium
LED control panel Yes No
Assisted zero turn Yes No
Immobiliser safety feature in vertical position Yes Yes
Automatic anti-jam mode Yes Yes
Parking brake Electric (semi-automatic) Manual
IP54 Yes Yes


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