ON |Cloudflow Woman - Guava Dustrose

ON Cloudflow Woman - Guava Dustrose



-23%  210.00 Chf

ON Cloudflow Woman - Guava Dustrose



On Cloudflow Woman - Guava Dustrose


The ON Cloudflow is a lightweight neutral trainer that features 18 individual cloud pods underfoot for a high level of cushioning and responsiveness. This shoe encourages a natural roll that is ideal for tempo runs and faster efforts.

A lightweight and responsive design that encourages a natural foot roll, the ON Cloudflow is the first ON shoe to feature 18 individual cloud pods built to deliver a truly unique ride. With a smooth foot strike and explosive toe-off, this shoe delivers a faster feeling experience great for tempo runs or even marathon efforts.


What's new

  • Softer cushioning 
  • Increased support

An extremely comfortable upper design delivers a high level of breathability, while a snug midfoot wrap will surely keep your feet locked in place as you pick up the pace. For the runners seeking the ON Cloud experience in a smooth performance package, the Cloudflow delivers a flexible ride that will allow your feet to flow through their natural gait.