|Stihl. Battery storage box

Stihl Battery storage box

With battery organiser



Stihl Battery storage box
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STIHL Battery container

With battery organiser


A space-saving and safe way to transport batteries and battery charger. Compatible with Sortimo L-BOXX and Sortimo Globelyst in-vehicle system. For four batteries or two batteries and an AL 300 or AL 500 charger.


Codice: 0000 882 9700



  • WITH INSERT: To hold four or two AP batteries with one AL 300 or AL 500 charger
    Code: 0000 882 9700
  • WITH ANTISCIVAL RUG: For accessories, e.g. AR L batteries and AL chargers 
    Code: 0000 882 9701
  • WITH ANTISCIVOLUOUS RUG: For storing accessories, e.g. AP batteries and AR charger
    Code: 7013 200 0004